Our products are manufactured in a modern clean plant that uses a series of cleaning systems followed by grinding machines and blending machines with magnets and metal detection systems with minimal human handling. All of this ensures a clean product that is safe and wholesome.

Major Trends in the Masala and Blended Spice category

masala blends

The spice and masala industry has come a long way from the early 1980s when having straight spice powders like chilli, turmeric and coriander in packed form was a convenience.

Blended spice powders have been the major driver of value growth in the spice industry. A rapidly growing and urbanising population with dual-income families has been driving the consumption of blended masala powders. Blended masalas like channa masala, sambar masala, paneer butter masala, and chicken masala have been seeing robust growth.

The changing cooking and consumption habits driven by innovation in idli and dosa batter have made idli as the preferred breakfast in India and increased demand for sambar masala. Likewise, a growing and efficient cold chain has made paneer available in even the smallest kiranas across Tamilnadu where paneer was not consumed earlier. This has perhaps driven demand for paneer masala in the country.

A country like India with a rapidly growing income is seeing an increase in protein consumption driven by eggs, chicken, fish and meat. Growth in protein consumption drives demand for masalas like chicken, meat and fish masalas.

Our search for convenience has led to more innovation creating demand for blended masalas that now include ginger, onion and garlic which helps save time on dicing and peeling in the kitchen. Single-serve packs have cooking instructions to help make dishes in three simple cooking steps and have also seen rapid adoption by consumers.

Consumer exposure to international travel and social media driven by influencers and celebrity chefs has also created a demand for Chinese, Continental, Mediterranean and fusion cuisine blends like the now popular Desi Chinese kinds of masala blends and also pasta variants.


Do You Offer Custom Spice Blends?

 Yes, at The Peninsular Export Company we do offer custom blends to meet your exact requirements. This can be done for seasonings, masala powders, meat applications, snacks, pickle manufacture etc. Our in-house food technologists can work with you to understand your requirements and develop suitable blends that meet your requirements. You can also share target samples for us to match and then develop products that meet your requirements. We offer custom blends of spice, masala powders and seasonings for various applications like the manufacturing of pickles, snack and namkeen industry applications, the food service industry, meat processing industry and other ready-to-cook and-eat products like noodles etc. This can also be done to meet the regulatory requirements of various countries like food safety, phytosanitary requirements etc.

What are the different kinds of Masala Blends that you offer for sale?

 We offer a wide variety of masala blends across various cuisines, masalas for vegetarian cooking and non-vegetarian cooking. Some of our speciality masala blends are masalas like chicken masala, fish masala, meat masala, sambar masala, fried rice masala, barbeque masala, peri-peri seasoning and barbeque mixes. We also offer spice and masala blends depending on the regional cuisine of each region

Can you offer Masala Blends for the Export Markets?

Yes, we can offer spice blends for the export markets provided we know the destination country. We can offer our spice powders and blends to meet the regulatory requirements of most countries and also specific customer standards. Our manufacturing operations are BRC certified ensuring a safe manufacturing environment.

Do you offer spice and masala blend contract manufacturing services?

Yes, we do offer contract manufacturing and private-label manufacturing at our facilities. We can do the manufacturing and packing of spice and masala powders for your brands at our facility.

What are the various Masala packaging solutions that you offer?

We offer a wide variety of packing solutions ranging from 2gm for salt/pepper/chilli flakes and pizza seasonings to 500gm pouches. We also offer mono carton packing for 100gm and 200gm packing.

Our automatic pillow pouches in multi-layer metalised pouches can pack 50gm and 100gm packs. The master packing can be done in cartons or poly-woven bags with your logo and design elements.

We can also pack in glass bottles and pet jars if needed.

Can you pack spice powders for an artisanal masala brand?

 It may not be easy for a small startup to establish its own manufacturing facility. We can help artisnal brands manufacture their products and bring them to life. We help startups right from product development, packaging concepts and commercialisation. No order is too small or too large for us. 

We can work to create first-to-market concepts with a focus on natural ingredients to cater to the demand of a very conscious consumer. Our teams can work with you right from concept to production and packaging.

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