• The Peninsular Export Company is part of the century-old VPSA Paramasiva Nadar group of companies based in Virudhunagar. 
  • We are among Tamilnadu’s largest processors, blenders, and packers of spice and masala powders.
  • We launched our brands Thillais and Masala Chef to showcase our manufacturing and product development capabilities.
  • We are also private label manufacturers that can develop and pack spice and masala powders for your brand. We are based in Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu and ship across India. 
  • Our services are used by modern trade stores, e-commerce D2C brands, startups and exporters to bring their products to market.
  • We offer custom blends to suit the various kinds of masala products available across India. We can offer Goan style, North Indian, coastal cuisine, Chettinad, South Indian style masala products, Chinese, Italian and Barbeque mixes suitable for home or HORECA use.
  • Thillais was launched in the year 2010 as a consumer brand to showcase our world-class manufacturing and quality capabilities from our export business.​
  • The name Thillais was chosen in memory of the family matriarch Thillai Sivakami. She was a cook par excellence who cooked for her large family of thirteen children and subsequently her larger brood comprising her grandchildren as well. She could churn out simple yet tasty dishes in a jiffy. Thillais is hence a befitting name for our masala brand.​
  • Thillais was launched keeping in mind today’s young homemakers who do not have time to cook and people new to cooking.
  • Thillais has several first-to-market products that were developed keeping in mind the needs of young home cooks. We believe cooking should be fun and easy.
  • Our products are more than just a masala blend and include onions, ginger and garlic so you don’t need to waste time peeling and dicing onions, ginger and garlic.
  • We specialize in regional non-vegetarian dishes that can usually be seen on restaurant menus.
  • With Thillais you can make these regional specialties in the comfort of your kitchen. Our single serve easy range mixes ensure that cooking is always fun and easy.
veriatyis of thillias masala
  • The food service industry is an important sector and its requirements are vastly different from a home kitchen and hence Masala Chef a brand of spice and masala blends was launched in 2021 with blends crafted to meet the specific requirements of commercial kitchens.​
  • Our products are developed keeping the costs, quality and consistency needed for a successful restaurant.​
  • Our range includes pure spice powders, masala for North Indian cuisine, South Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, grills and Barbeque mixes.​
  • These products are offered directly to restaurants from the company to help get constant feedback from chefs and to keep distribution costs low which helps restaurants in staying competitive.​
hotel blend
chicken masala
fried rice


We offer private labelling and white labelling of whole spices, pure spice and masala powders. Packaging can be customised to suit a wide variety which includes mono cartons, pillow pouches, carton packaging, and stretch wrapping of packages.
  • We provide product development services. If you have a product idea we have a full-fledged product development team that can bring your idea to fruition.
  • We also do toll processing services, private labelling and white labelling of whole spices, spice and masala powders, food and beverage mixes. No order is too small or too big for us to handle. ​
  • We can also assist you with packaging material designers and printers and guidance on the regulatory requirements to launch your products. ​​
  • Packaging can be customized to suit a wide variety which includes mono cartons, pillow pouches, carton packaging, and stretch wrapping of packages.
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