Blended Masala Suppliers in Tamil Nadu​

Blended Masala Suppliers in Tamil Nadu

Tamilnadu has several masala manufacturers of very good quality located across various districts. The Peninsular Export company is one of the leading masala blenders that manufactures spice powders at its facility that is BRC certified and offers small to large quantities to meet the requirements of its customers. They are the among the top 5 manufacturer, supplier and exporter of spices and Masala Blends. 

The company has all the required infrastructure, qualified manpower, an in-house analytical and microbiology laboratory, food technologists and all the critical grinding and blending. Some companies have very good products for vegetarian recipe blends like sambar and kulambu masala. Peninsular Export company has been recognised for its masala blends for non-vegetarian cooking. 

In Tamilnadu the largest brands are Sakthi masala and Achi masala followed by several regional brands that are available in one or a few districts.      Thillais masala is a niche player that specialises in regional Tamilnadu cuisine with a focus on masalas for meat chicken and fish.


Thillais is present in major supermarkets across Tamilnadu and in the meat retail stores. Thillais is focused on the young urban consumers and has its products suited to meet their needs of convenience and ease of cooking. The products contain ingredients like ginger, onion and garlic to help in saving time and also help people who do not have time to cook. The larger national brands have a very small presence but their market share is growing. Brands like Everest, Eastern, MDH are now available in all major supermarkets.

The blended spice and masala segment has been the driver of growth in the masala industry and has made it attractive for several new and existing FMCG brands to enter the segment.

The blended masala segment is growing rapidly owing to the changing lifestyles and consumers looking for convenience and ease of cooking

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